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is about empowering you to make better choices when expressing your message in print.


With easy and accessible tutorials and reference information, Workshop offers you the skills to apply your own vision and creativity to the production of well designed print products.


is for you, because you care about your products and the message you are sharing.


Workshop gives you the tools to make the design of your print products reflect the value of your content.

All of the lessons in Workshop are simple and accessible.

To start right away just choose whichever of the categories below interests you, or click the icons to the left to see a directory of all of the available lessons.


For additional technical support Workshop will also teach you the key terminology that will help you ask the right questions to find answers specific to your tools and needs. Just look for the words in bold.

If you are inspired to take a deeper dive into editorial design each lesson in Workshop has listings for more advanced resources.


You can see the complete resource list on the learn more page.

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